David Millar wearing all black CHPT kitDavid Millar wearing all black CHPT kit

Last shopping days of 2022

UK / Standard - Sunday 11th December. Express - Sunday 18th December

EU / Standard - Thursday 15th November. Express - Sunday 18th November 

Rest of Europe / Standard - Wednesday 14th December. Express - Sunday 18th December

USA / Thursday 15th November

Canada / Wednesday 14th December

Asia / Wednesday 14th December
Australia, New Zealand / Monday 12th December

CHPT3 Tights Close Up

Tights & Shorts

Tights and Bib Shorts that take innovation from the highest pro ranks and put them to use for real-world riders.


CHPT3 Cycling Jerseys


Designed with a professional athlete's experiences in mind and featuring recycled fabrics and components.


CHPT3 Casuals


Are Rest Days important in cycling? Of course! Casual clothing for the all important days off the bike.


Polaroid images from the CHPT3 bike ride


Join us and ride Girona


CHPT3 is British cycling brand. We make the finest cycling apparel, sportswear and lifestyle clothing for cyclists. Everything we create is based around the CHPT3 principal that everyone has three chapters to their life: the things you must do, such as work. The things you should do, like eat well, do your interval training, get plenty of sleep. And then the things you love to do.

Too many people have forgotten that third, playful chapter in their life. That is why CHPT3 is here. Created by David Millar in 2015 with the vision of creating clothing that he would choose to wear as a retired racer. Now, we make cycling apparel to meet you, wherever the ride takes you.

Our cycling clothing is made to ensure you enjoy your ride whether it is racing on the road, adventuring on single track or riding the streets for commute or play.
Our activewear is made to embolden you, to inspire you towards your sports goals by blending beautiful aesthetic design with athlete-lead function.

Our streetwear is made for carving the streets. The roads which join us together are where our Street clothing comes to life. Collections which combine subtle yet unmissable visibility, weather-proof technical and performance fabrics applied to fashion-inspired silhouettes, we make pieces which allow you to step off the bike and step in to the room without a second thought on changing your outfit.