Club Rules

How we ride

Welcome to the CHPT3 club, The following document outlines some of the important stuff about our club and how we operate. It is a club requirement that you read this document and follow what it asks you to do. Its purpose is to make sure that we are safe and all have a good time.

CHPT3 is a great place to ride. We have a competitive group of cyclists who enjoy riding together. The club also hosts a social scene such as live race streams from the CHPT3 studio and we encourage riders and their significant others to get involved.

Two things are the most important, firstly that we are safe, secondly that we have fun. We aim to be the friendliest cycle club in Girona.

How the rides work

  • We have rides on a Monday Morning, Thursday Morning/Evening , on Saturday mornings and some sundays  – exact timings are on the link my ride & Strava. Rides always start and end at CHPT3  - if this is not the case you will be advertised in the details of the ride.

  • Monday morning rides are designed to be held at a quicker tempo. Saturdays and Sundays are more social and are for going a little bit further at a more relaxed pace. The approximate speeds are on the ride descriptions. Please make sure that you sign onto a speed appropriate group, as you don’t want to be that person that the rest of the group is always waiting for!

  • Official rides can and will be cancelled if it is deemed that there is an issue with rider safety. This is usually down to weather conditions (if the temperature drops below 3 degrees a “drop in and ride”  - will be called). This will be decided by management or ride leaders. We will do our best to provide as much notice as possible, via link my ride, Strava & the CHPT3 social media. If the weather adversely changes on the road then the Ride leaders can change length of route and speed to suit.

  • No helmet, no ride.

  • In the darker months, no lights, no ride. Make sure that your lights are charged and will last the ride.

  • You need to be 18 or above.

  • People who come on the rides accept that cycling can be a dangerous sport and that they are responsible for their own wellbeing. You accept that you are fit/experienced enough to undertake the ride. Do not start the ride if you feel unwell. Bikes must be in workable condition to complete the selected ride. If you are worried, speak with your ride leader prior to the ride.
  • Riders can, if they wish, break off from a designated ride at any time. This is totally cool and sometimes works out for the best (e.g. if a couple of people are having a tough day and want to cut it short). Please make sure you let the ride leader know if you plan to do this.

  • Road is a shared space with laws and good conduct governing its use. To keep group riding as safe as it can be, there are a set of calls, rules and etiquette that needs to be observed. Fundamentally, we ride with level handlebars (maintain even pace, and do not speed up when another rider draws level - we don’t half wheel. Generally we ride two abreast (apart from on narrow roads, bridges, on busy roads or when called to “single out” by the Ride Leader). 

We shout out and point out hazards to each other. We ride slightly to the side of the wheel in front and with a sufficient safe gap, if not confident to ride immediately behind the wheel in front. If you are unsure speak to your ride leader at the start of the ride and go at the back of the group and watch/listen to other members to pick up what you need to do. 

  • It is the riders’ responsibility to ensure they have enough hydration and nutrition for the duration of the ride. Ideally riders should also carry a mobile phone and money/card in case the need arises. Ensure any specific medication is taken on rides or any other first aid deemed necessary.