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Pin it to your bag, blazer, musette or favourite jersey. It doesn’t matter where, it just matters that you’re showing your support for the biggest cycling film in decades.

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A film 10 years in the making, TimeTrial puts you in the heat of the action, following the last years of David Millar’s professional cycling career. To celebrate the film heralded as the next cycling classic, we have produced a limited run of premium clothing and accessories so you can show your devotion to the bike. Exhilarating and equally terrifying at times, the film provides a sensory ride through the thrill and hardship of professional cycling, taking you as close to actually competing as you will ever see on film.

We are hurtled off a hillside, details blurring like watercolours. The euphoria and the fatigue, the highs and the lows. It's as if it were ourselves struggling through the bumpy roads of France. David bluntly and fearlessly narrates his last season in the saddle, intimate and immediate, along with the intricate relationships of cyclist, road crew, fellow competitors, manic fans, and the media circus surrounding it all.

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