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Rocka MK2 GORE Rocka MK2 GORE-TEX Jacket - LS: Black Edition


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The Gabba re-imagined. Rain repellent, windproof: A protective outer layer made with the forces of GORE-TEX.

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The Rocka is designed as an outer shield and is available with full-length, or short sleeves. Although not waterproof, it is water repellent, windproof and breathable, able to protect you in the most extreme of conditions, hence the protective collar. There is the storm-flap pocket on the front to hold important things, like gold dust. The name originates from the motorcycling culture of the mid-twentieth century, the Rockers. We’ve always felt CHPT3 is more aligned to that than the scooter culture, the Mods. Where the Mods would wear sharp suits the Rockers would wear leather biking jackets, most of which had wraparound buttoned collars.

"The Rocka is my go to piece of bike clothing no matter whether it's road, gravel, mountain biking... it works for everything. It's a perfect weight for a wide range of temperatures and just looks and feels amazing." 

- Ryder Hesjedal, Giro d'Italia Winner 2012

The pleating of the shoulders was created to give more movement and create a sharper edge, as distinct from the pure aerodynamic properties required of the Gabba. In fact, the whole cut has been designed to give a more defined silhouette than the race version. 

The CHPT3 variant of the ever-popular racing garment, the Castelli Gabba. It has all the same properties, only cut in a manner that makes it more fitted to everyday use. The most striking difference is the collar; it is secured with one button: when not required it can be wrapped around the rear of the neck and fastened to the same button.

The two-tone material was specially made for this design and is 20% lighter than the material used for the Gabba.  

  • Gore Windstopper X-Lite fabric is windproof and water repellent while remaining highly breathable
  • Cut with proportions like a tailored jacket
  • Reversible neck flap can seal out the cold from the front, or give some added visibility when worn to the back
  • Black reflective piping at hem for low light visibility
  • Covered rear pocket
  • Articulated sleeves
  • Front pocket is sized for a phone or credit card
  • Industrial metallic zipper with zipper pull
  • Fits in centre pocket of 1.21 Jersey

CHPT3 bespoke clothing uses a tailoring system for its sizes. We use the physical chest or waist size as the garment size - If you have a 40" chest you need a 40" Jersey - Please note while the CHPT3 range is not designed for racing it is still a close fitting athletic design suitable for active cyclists.

The Rocka is designed to have a slightly looser fit around the body in order to enhance the breathability under effort in extreme weather conditions. Downsize one if you want a more fitted look e.g. if you measure 40" (A) chest, wear a 39".

To keep your CHPT3 Rocka Jersey working it needs to be clean. 

Shower in your Rocka. Yep, that's right; if you've been out for a wet ride and need your Rocka the next day, take it in the shower with you to rinse of road grime and sweat (just use water, not your expensive shampoo), then hang up to dry. This stops a build up of dirt on/in the garment, meaning it will work better for longer. 

When your CHPT3 Rocka stops beading rain on the surface (we call this ‘wetting out’) don’t panic – You can rejuvenate the DWR finish by cleaning and drying (till just damp) your jacket, then putting it in the tumble dryer at a low heat for about 20 minutes, or by ironing under low heat using a towel between the iron and garment. This will reactivate the water-resistant properties of the treatment. This trick will only work once or twice. If in doubt about your abilities, don't do this. Any damage caused by heat will void your warranty.