ORIGIN 1.13 Bib Tights

Outer Space Blue / 30

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Too often tights are overbuilt, designed for the very worst of conditions where survival is all that matters. The CHPT3 tight is a little lighter and designed to work on 7°-16° days where, let’s be honest, some of the best riding can be done.

We have created a tight that works in reverse to shorts and leg warmers.  Our version has a top half that is thermal and a lower part that is lycra, the seam that joins the two swoops down behind the knee giving maximum protection and comfort.  This is the first tight ever to succeed in replacing shorts and leg warmers while doing a better job.

The upper part is constructed with Castelli’s insanely warm and soft Thermo Flex fabric while the lower leg is covered with the same fabric we use in the top-of-the-line CHPT3 bib shorts. Yes, we have used a short fabric for tights. Why? Because it’s not your normal short fabric, we use a heavier density lycra that offers compression and because of that tight weave offers protection from cold air reaching the skin. It’s the right balance for warmth and freedom. 

The bib construction is made with lay-flat bonded straps that hold the tight securely without bunching up. And you get to sit on the CHPT3 interpretation of the Progetto X2 pad (as used in the Tour de France) that pays homage to Lord Crispin Latymer, but that’s another story…

CHPT3 bespoke clothing uses a tailoring system for its sizes. We use the physical chest or waist size as the garment size - If you have a 40" chest you need a 40" Jersey - Please note while the CHPT3 range is not designed for racing it is still a close fitting athletic design suitable for active cyclists.

The fabric and construction of these shorts mean they feel near as dammit to compression apparel.  We recommend you wear your exact waist size (B), but if you have any doubts, and would like a slightly less compression feel then upsize one e.g. if you have a 32" waist (B) then wear a 33".