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ORIGIN 1.92 Knee Warmers

Inner Space / S

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Castelli thermoflex high loft fleece. Reversible cuff. A reflective strip. A versatile knee/leg warmer.

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The colour has been chosen to interchange with both colour ways of the 1.11 Short and 1.21 Jerseys. The material is Castelli's Thermoflex fabric, a step up from the Roubaix fabric that most companies use. It has a slightly tighter knit with higher loft fleece that happens to be more stretchy, something that is of utmost importance on the legs of a cyclist, because in theory they should be moving up and down a lot. Unless you're sitting in a cafe, that would look ridiculous. There is elastic at the top to hold them in place, and a turn-able cuff with the Rosso Fuoco reveal and a reflective stripe at the bottom (our little attempt to help those times you get stuck too long in a cafe and have to race home before it gets dark).

The length is a particularity of mine, I always found leg warmers too long and knee warmers too short, so we've created an inbetween length. Here's how to wear them: align the seam so it is either running down the back of the leg or the inside of the leg, pull your short leg up, then pull the warmer up, make sure the seam is aligned in the option you've chosen, then make sure that the bottom of the warmer is not above the top of your sock and your shorts are pulled neatly back over the top of the warmer. 

The amount of sock you show is your style. If you take them off during the ride (please stop, we only do it while rolling as professionals because the risk of crashing seems more attractive than stopping at the side of the road and watching the race disappear, plus we're on closed roads, and have team mates to push us) fold each flat and place one in each of the interior warmer pockets on the 1.21, folding them as flat as possible makes them much comfier to carry and less obtrusive on the exterior pockets.

  • Thermoflex fabric for maximum warmth, softness and stretch
  • Reduced seam construction for maximum comfort
  • CHPT3 microfiber elastic at top cuff
  • Lower cuff can be flipped up to reveal high vis rosso fuoco band with reflective tape for low-light safety
  • Leg/Knee warmer is cut so it can be worn low as a leg warmer, or pulled up higher to be worn as a knee warmer
  • Minimum bulk so they can be easily stored in jersey pocket when not needed

The warmers are made from Thermoflex fabric, a material that has a slightly tighter knit and higher loft fleece while also being stretchier than the fabric most other companies use for this same purpose. The decision was made not to carry out the nanotech treatment (a process that makes the fabric water resistant) because it was decided we’d rather focus on absolute comfort rather than weather protection as both the stretchiness and fleece loft is affected negatively by the process. Warmers require as much flexibility and rebound as possible because of the fact they are worn over moving joints. This has been our priority.

The leg/knee warmers carry all the same technical elements as the arm warmers, although obviously the cut is different. In fact, the cut is quite different to most leg warmers, the length is in between that of a leg warmer (which is often too long) and that of a knee warmer. This is as much in response to experience as fashion. The modern cyclist wears longer shorts and socks, the obvious result of this is less skin left uncovered meaning that the warmer need not adhere to the traditional longer length. There is an added bonus to this in that it means the leg/knee warmers use a little less material and therefore have a smaller volume when folded up making it easier to pack away in your pockets during a ride if the conditions change.

These should fit snugly, so either use your exact size or one smaller.







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