Alpha RoS GORE-TEX Jacket - Thermal

C3 Black/Rosso Fuoco / M

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A jacket designed for the real world and those of us who require one jacket for multiple occasions.

Its dual layer construction separates thermal insulation and weather protection to provide the ultimate ventilation, moisture evaporation and breathability.

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Forget everything you know about winter jackets. The RoS range changes the game completely. What was once a winter wardrobe of two halves - wet weather gear and dry kit - can now become one. Thanks to GORE-TEX’s leading INFINIUM membrane technology, the RoS jackets is as waterproof as possible without compromising on breathability. This means no more ‘boil in the bag’ moments, no more freezing to your core and no more need for multiple layers and jackets.

Made for real-world rides, not a catalogue shoot in sideways rain. The term ‘waterproof’ is subjective. To be truly ‘waterproof’ a jacket must have entirely taped seams and a 100% waterproof membrane. But that means too many compromises for your everyday jacket – too stiff, not breathable enough and not flexible. Sure, an occasional drop of rain may come in through a seam in heavy rain, but how often do you ride in heavy rain for hours on end? RoS jackets enable you to to stay warm and dry, ensuring moisture can get out from the inside.

GORE-TEX is a brand that we’re all familiar with. Its heavily guarded technology has been pioneered by the world’s top outdoor labels and, more recently, transcending into streetwear on projects with global sport and fashion names.

CHPT3 are among a small, exclusive group of cycling brands with the license to use GORE-TEX's legendary material technology. This season we've taken advantage of their newest advancement that takes things way beyond waterproofnessGORE‑TEX® INFINIUM™. Read our feature on partnering with GORE-TEX to learn more

  • GORE-TEX fabric provides ultimate insulation and breathability for cold, dry rides, with highly effective waterproofing for wet rides
  • High-contrast Fire Red seam sealing on shoulders offers extra defence against water penetration to keep you dry in all but the worst conditions
  • Unique construction separates the wind/water protection layer from the thermal insulating layer for adaptable ventilation on-the-go
  • Smooth sliding waterproof YKK zipper
  • Front zippered pocket
  • High-neck for confident coverage and insulation
  • Raw-edge waistband lies flat for a smooth look and comfortable hold
  • Raw-edge wrist cuffs lie flat for a perfect interface with gloves
  • High-stretch fabrics for a versatile, close-to-body fit that accommodates a wide range of body types
  • 3 deep rear pockets with reflective detailing and laser-cut drain holes
  • De-bossed CHPT3 logo on reverse
  • -5°-10°C / 23°-50°F
  • Weight: 515g


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