CHPT3 x POC Devesa Ventral SPIN Helmet


The most advanced aero helmet POC have ever developed, now available in an extremely limited Devesa design, inspired by CHPT3's home in Girona. DROP ONE SOLD OUT: Pre-order now for the second delivery, due mid-December.

In stock and available for immediate dispatch

Originally an integral sponsor to David Millar’s Pro Team squad, POC has transitioned into an essential partner of CHPT3. Playing an important role our image since CHPT3 began, we've chosen POC products for their unique styling and to provide utmost safety and performance during our daily product testing here on the roads of Girona. The first CHPT3 x POC collaboration emerged, as natural as the Devesa forest itself. A beautiful balance of design, form and function laid on a groundwork of unconventional and positive thinking,

The impressive trees of the Devesa here in Girona had our minds racing with every journey past. It was impossible to miss the number ‘3’ imprinted in nature. Using advanced texture generation software, we brought the camouflage-like pattern to life digitally, with layers of visual density used to create a recognisable pattern - a graphical expression of the great lung of Girona and our latest collection: Devesa

The Ventral SPIN is the most advanced aero helmet POC have ever developed, and basis for the Devesa edition. It features a unique aerodynamic design, optimized through CFD testing, and extreme cooling and ventilation due to an innovative air flow design, inspired by the Venturi effect. Designed with POC’s whole helmet approach for enhanced comfort, fit and performance, it includes an EPS liner with precise density for optimized weight and crash protection, a unibody shell construction and a precise 360° fit retention system. It also includes POC’s patent pending silicone pad technology system, SPIN.


Inspired by nature