Elysée Lifestyle Wear

Elysée Lifestyle Wear


    Introducing the Elysée collection – CHPT3's latest range of premium-quality lifestyle pieces designed for those who appreciate comfort and style, both on and off their bike.

    We’ve always used organic cotton and this collection is no different. What is different is where the collection was made. We wanted total access to the factory, to ensure every aspect and every detail was just made just right. So we chose to manufacture them in the heart of London.

    Also new is the introduction of our first ever full-zip Hoodie. You’ll find it perfectly suitable for dashing around town on two wheels, zip up or zip down. Yet it's when you’re between rides, feet planted firmly on the ground, that this becomes an exceptional piece befitting your well-earned downtime.

    The range also features a crewneck Sweatshirt and T-shirt, available in Men's and Women's cuts.

    Each piece cuts its own silhouette; we’ve forsworn oversizing, or extended sleeves, in favour of classic principals that make for a truly classic fit. Elysée – a range of wardrobe staples you can wear for any occasion.

    Currently only available to customers in the UK.

    See it in store at Via Atelia - London and Thermaltake - Taipei.