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CHPT3 x Ottolock Cinch Lock Hexband


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An extra-tough version of the exclusive CHPT3 Ottolock. Lightweight, portable and steel-toughened, this lock will protect your bike at mid-ride stops and offers incredible convenience. This updated Hexband unit includes 6 steel layers, reinforced with Kevlar for total piece of mind.

As great fans of the cafè stop and keeping possession of our beloved bikes, we were quick to partner with Ottolock, the makers of one of the world's most secure, portable bike locks. Don't be fooled by its low weight and compact design, this is one high-strength lock featuring six layers of reinforced steel and Kevlar. Adding accents of our signature Fire Red and CHPT3 logo this limited edition lock provides total peace of mind so you can sit back and enjoy that cappuccino worry-free. 

Unlike other super-light, portable locks, the Ottolock's cut-resistant band makes it highly resistant to opportunistic theft attempts, even when put up against bolt cutters or pliers. Inside the 18mm wide strap, Kevlar is combined with six layers of stainless steel bands before being coated in the highly durable Santoprene® plastic. In the event of a theft attempt, the bands glide over one another, reducing forces and making cutting through the strap a hugely difficult task. The triple-digit combination mechanism is secure and easy to use, allowing you to reset it with your own unique code upon receipt. With its ‘smash-proof’ aluminium body, the head unit is extremely resistant to attacks, not budging during testing until after many hours and well over 500 lbs of tensile force (that's a lot).

  • Lightweight - just 190g
  • Length - 18 or 30 inch versions, making it ideal for locking your bike to a nearby rail or securing your wheel to the frame
  • Extra-tough - with six layers of toughened steel and kevlar, this is one super-tough lock
  • Portable - Coiling into a small diameter, you can easily fit them inside a jersey pocket or saddle bag
  • Exclusive - Available in limited numbers with the CHPT3 stamp of approval and Fire Red head-unit, only from
  • Safe on frames - A soft-finish Santoprene® plastic allows you to confidently wrap around your bike without scuffing or harming your paint
  • Convenient: A resettable combination lock means no extra keys to carry
  • Versatile: disable your bike by locking the frame to a wheel, or lock the frame to a solid object nearby.