Ashton Lambie World Champion collection

Ashton Lambie Sub4Club


    Ashton is the first CHPT3 sponsored athlete. He’s World Champion and World Record Holder, he’s fast, he’s eccentric, he’s kind, he’s curious and more than anything; he’s an outsider, he doesn’t follow the crowd, he blazes his own trail.

    The biggest cycling magazine in the US, Bicycling Magazine, coined him, “The Most Interesting Bike Racer in America.” And that was before he became the first rider to go sub 4mins over 4km. Yet he’d started in ultra, beating the Cross-Kansas cycling record by riding the 692km in sub-24hrs.

    In between those records he raced Grass Track and won the Unbound Gravel Race. His hero is Graham Obree. Ashton has been working with our design team to develop performance products he needs for training and most importantly, racing, the first releases of these are coming soon. In the meantime you can join the very exclusive Sub4Club by owning one of the Ashton capsule collection. Limited availability.