2020 Brompton x CHPT3 Bike

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The third chapter in our story with Brompton: the 2020 CHPT3 Brompton is designed to get you from A to B faster than ever before and with an even bigger smile on your face.

The 2020 CHPT3 Brompton is only available to purchase from Brompton directly, either online or via their Brompton Junction stores. You can find out more about purchasing a bike here

"It’s been five years since our collaboration with Brompton began, yet it feels like we’re just getting started. 2020 sees the launch of the V3 and the creation of a club for owners and fans. What we didn’t expect when we designed and built the CHPT3 Brompton was to also build a community of people - a pure product design project has turned into a design for life. For that reason in 2020 we will be launching an official home and hub for owners and fans of the bike and style."

We share our home city of Girona with over 100 of the world’s professional riders; all of them choosing to set their roots in the Catalan capital city for the same reasons we did so many years ago. Nowadays though, we find our purpose by riding within the cities walls rather than outside of them. Our design studio is based in Girona, and our Designer, Victoria, is based a short journey away in Barcelona:

“Getting around the city, we're constantly in awe of the architecture. From the shape of the stone walls and the buildings, the stairs, the streets… it’s amazing. The way that we approached the design for the 2020 CHPT3 Brompton was almost like how you would design a tattoo - it’s really a motif to show where the bikes design roots are, no matter where you might be riding it in the world.”

Featuring major upgrades over a standard Brompton, this is a bike that's been stripped back, tuned and designed to become a road cyclists favourite bike. With a titanium fork and rear frame, twinned with our exclusive extra-firm suspension block, the racing spirit shines through and seeks to put the joy back into your riding.

  • Lunar Grey main frame colour with Girona-inspired graphics
  • Low-rolling resistance Schwalbe One 35mm tan-wall tyres 
  • Titanium forks and rear frame keep weight to a minimum
  • Redesigned saddle featuring a nose grip for easier carrying and titanium rails to reduce weight
  • Ergon GE1 Evo Slim grips in custom Fire Red
  • Race tuned, extra firm, red suspension block
  • Machined hinge clamps
  • S-type handlebars
  • 6-speed

The Third Chapter

From our city to yours