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The Knowledge

Home coffee brewing guide: Filter Coffee

We all know that coffee is very much a thing to us cyclists. But for many of us, we might be missing a few tricks that could help take our coffee game up a few steps. So, with something so important at stake, we got in touch with the experts in coffee to put together a few guides to making a great cup at home. In this first instalment, we take you through the much-loved filter coffee.


  • 45g fresh, whole bean coffee
  • Carafe and filter paper
  • Coffee grinder
  • Stirrer
  • Timer/phone
  • Weighing scales

STEP 1: Add your filter paper to the brewing cone and rinse it with hot water.

STEP 2: Weigh out 45g of coffee and grind, you're aiming for a consistency like dry cous-cous.

STEP 3: Add your ground coffee to the rinsed filter paper and assemble your carafe. 

STEP 4: Start your timer and begin pouring just-off-the-boil water over the coffee. If you're using a scales (as Workshop recommend), you'll want to pour 100g of water. Do your best to pour evenly, hitting all of the coffee. Give it a quick stir to ensure it's all evenly wet.

STEP 5: When the time reaches 30-45 seconds, resume adding water in a steady stream, keeping the kettle’s spout low and drawing circles in the coffee. Stopping when the scale hits 750g.

STEP 6: Leave the water to drain through the filter - this can take a while so be patient! By 4 and a half minutes all of your water should have drained through and into your carafe. 

STEP 7: Now you're ready to remove the filter paper and spent coffee grounds... it's almost time!

STEP 8: Pour out your perfectly brewed, fresh filter coffee into your favourite coffee cup.

STEP 9: Enjoy! Savour the flavours, appreciating the little bit of effort that you put into making it.

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