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Home coffee brew guide: Iced Coffee

What better to cool off after a ride in the summer heat with than a fresh, perfectly brewed coffee iced coffee? We've been hooked on these recently, finding them the perfect drink to pick us up from that afternoon slump when working at home. Let Workshop coffee guide you through the eight easy steps to creating your own refreshing iced filter coffee at home.


  • 35g fresh, whole bean coffee
  • Loads of cubed ice
  • Carafe and filter paper
  • Coffee grinder
  • Stirrer
  • Timer/phone
  • Weighing scales

STEP 1: Pop your water on to boil and grind your coffee - you're aiming for a nice, fine caster sugar-like consistency

STEP 2: Rinse the paper filter with a little hot water over the sink to avoid warming your carafe

STEP 3: Fill your carafe with a couple of handfuls of ice before adding your ground coffee to the brewing cone and placing on top

STEP 4: Start a timer over your phone and pour a small amount of boiling water over the coffee, ensuring its evenly wetted. This is called 'blooming' and allows the coffee to breath a bit before brewing begins and helps you get every drop of flavour out

STEP 5: After about 45 seconds begin pouring the rest of your boiling water steadily over the grounds

STEP 6: By 3:30 the coffee should be fully drained through. Remove the brewing cone and stir the brewed coffee and ice together.

STEP 7: 
Pour out into a glass over loads of ice - the more ice you use, the less the drink becomes dilluted and weak.

STEP 8: Enjoy! We like it black, but Workshop reckon you could try it with a dash of milk, or even a splash of tonic water if you're feeling fancy. 


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