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The Knowledge

Guide to bib shorts


Whether you've been riding bikes for a lifetime or have only recently picked up a bike, investing in a good quality pair of bib shorts will provide the biggest improvement to your comfort no matter the distance you ride

With a combined 25 years spent in the pro peloton, racing at the sharp end of the Tour de France and beyond, we've spent a lot of days in the saddle and so we like to think that we know our eggs when it comes to what makes a good pair of shorts and, importantly, what doesn't

We've taken all that learning and worked with legends of cycling apparel, Castelli, to create a range of perfectly formed cycling bib shorts for use in the real world. Each pair has been designed to work perfectly for your different needs; be it a local loop or multi-day adventure we've got the shorts for you


Whilst it's understood that a good pair of shorts can make or break your ride, we've had plenty of friends ask us questions which we had assumed were common knowledge over the years. Clearly we were wrong to assume that, so we thought we'd explain some of the main features of bib shorts before we get into which ones might suit you best

Why bib shorts?

Rather than an elasticated waistband, bib shorts use straps over your shoulders to keep them in place. These are much comfier, remove the chance of slippage and keep your chamois pad (we'll come to that...) in the correct place

What's a chamois?

The padded insert at the crotch is known as the chamois pad. It uses various densities of material to alleviate pressure down below and eliminate friction. Back in the early days the poor sods used to have leather chamois'. And before you make the mistake that a friend of ours once made, the chamois should be on the inside of the shorts

Anything underneath?

Nope. Your chamois is there to remove friction and provide an  antibacterial, cool environment. Nothing should stand between it

your perfect pairing

Origin Mk2
Total refinement with luxurious one-piece construction. Our most comfortable shorts

Defiant Mk2
The benchmark in comfort. Ideal for those embarking on longer rides

Everyday shorts offering comfort and style: perfect for the weekend ride

Origin Mk2 Bib Shorts

The ultimate in performance and comfort. fitted with our most comfortable Progetto X2 Air chamois pad, the shorts are cut from a single piece of material. No other bib short in the world comes close to the luxury of these with their unprecedented comfort and premium finish

Intended Use
Any ride where comfort is paramount

It's called Bodypaint for a reason - expect a seamless, luxurious fit thats more comfortable than you could imagine. Soft, wide bib straps  mean these suit a wide range of body shapes

These shorts are amazing. The material is that good you don’t even know you are wearing them. They fit perfect, the pad is excellent, 5 stars all the way!

Matthew T


A cornerstone of comfort, the Defiant bib shorts define what a pair of bib shorts should look and feel like.  Classy fabrics and the same top-end Progetto x2 chamois pad make the Defiant an incredibly competent all rounder

Intended Use
An all rounder throughout the season, perfect for those looking to step up their mileage

Multiple panels ensure a close, compressive fit to support your muscles and keep everything in place. High stretch, thick Forza fabric ensures comfort for all body shapes

Top quality materials, beautiful design and an extremely comfortable fit for long days in the saddle. My go to bib shorts.

Stehpen J


An essential bib short for every rider. The Girona shorts  should be a staple in your wardrobe, offering dependably high comfort, quality materials and a great fit. They're the shorts you wish you'd started riding with

Intended Use 
From the commute to the club run, these shorts will shock you with their versatility

High-stretch fabrics and wide leg grippers ensure great comfort without compromising on performance

Great, cost effective bibs, excellent chamois, gripper and fit.

Now there are other colour options I may just have extend the collection further!

Mark  K