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Never Strays Farfalle

Giro Di Sicilia Part 1

Ned has been threatened by dogs, while David has to diagnose his sister's friend. Then they talk about Sicily and how UAE might be doing it all wrong or all right. Depending.

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Sliding into view in early October.

Get your grubby paws on it before anyone else.

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Off Bike - Paris Roubaix 

Oct 02, 2021 Ross Bernard

We speak to Stuart O'Grady, Rolf Sørensen, and Steve Smith. A winner, a contender, and a sponsor; all of them fans (through love and hate) of Paris Roubaix.

NEVER STRAYS Farfalle - Sicilia 2

Sep 30, 2021 Ross Bernard

David Millar and Ned Boulting are together again to muse the possibility of a wet Paris Roubaix. Plus, more reportage from the Giro Di Sicilia.

NEVER STRAYS Frarfalle - Sicilia 1

Sep 30, 2021 Ross Bernard

David Millar and Ned Boulting discuss amongst other things (many other things) the Giro Di Sicilia.

NEVER STRAYS Far - Worlds in Girona

Sep 28, 2021 Ross Bernard

Ned and David sit next to each other and try and speak to Pete Kennaugh from a sofa in Girona while watching the World Championships from Girona with other people contributing. Including Pete, who starts it off.