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The Great Big Christmas Gift Guide

Cyclists huh? You think you know them, then they go and buy a 'gravel bike'... Well, this year, we've put together a list of our best-selling, most hotly desired and downright special gifts which are sure to be universally loved by people who ride bikes, no matter what they're into this week. 

To ensure there's no disappointment beneath their helmets, we offer a unique 30 Day Ride Guarantee. The concept is simple - if they don't like their gift, even after riding in it, they've got 30 days to send it back, no quibbles. See here for more details on what's included in the offer.

Oh, we nearly forgot! Make sure to scroll right to the bottom to see how you can save 15% on your beloved cyclist's gifts this year.

Tube Socks

Well, this is a Christmas gift guide, isn't it? Tube socks aren't a traditional staple of the cyclists uniform, but then again, we're not a very traditional bunch here at CHPT3. Athletic, high-quality cotton socks in a range of styles and colours - what's not to love? From £10 a pair - shop

Base Layers

After a good pair of bib shorts, this is the next most important piece of kit in a cyclists arsenal. This punchy number - our Backyard Baselayer - is undeniably comfy and keeps body temperatures just right... plus you'll never misplace it in the wardrobe. From £55 - shop


A cyclist's most versatile item of kit - the warmer. Be it for legs or arms, they're great for adding protection without the bulk and can be removed mid-ride when things warm up. We've made use of clever materials like Nanoflex to ensure Winter's worst won't stand a chance. From £35 - shop

Bib Tights

With plenty of days holiday, we naturally tend to spend plenty of hours in the saddle over Christmas (sorry!) so, comfort should be the top priority for a cyclist in these colder months. Treat yourself/them to a pair of quality winter bib tights - ours come with luxurious comfort built-in thanks to the Castelli Progetto X2 chamois pad. Top of the shop. From £180 - shop

Winter Gloves

Hold on to your baubles in confidence this year. Our GORE-TEX winter gloves are a masterclass in how a proper pair of gloves should be made. They provide complete warmth, wind and rain protection whilst remaining thin enough to allow you complete control and feel from your bars. £60 - shop


Casual looks, serious care... Our wide range of casual T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts are all made from beautifully soft, 100% organic cotton and printed with environmentally friendly inks. We do it this way because we care, just like you do about giving a cracking present. From £30 - shop

Useful Not Technical Case

It's the simple things... the things that stop us storming from the house to the garage searching for that "bloody inner tube" every Sunday morning. The Useful Not Technical case does exactly that. £20 - shop

Long Sleeve Girona Jersey

Think of it as the sandwich filler to the cyclist's outfit. With a soft fleecy lining and fantastic windproofing, the long sleeve jersey is a godsend in the depths of winter. Come spring, it gets its chance to take centre stage and be worn as their outer layer. Almost as good as a leftovers turkey and cranberry sandwich. £120 - shop


We've all got to drink... might as well do it in style, eh? We've made these bottles with innovative British brand, Fabric and they come in a range of styles to suit all tastes. They use a uniquely textured surface around the top part of the bottle to ensure it's all grip, no-slip. £20 a pair - shop

Rocka GORE-TEX Jackets

Old-school rocker inspired tailoring meets new-school technology from GORE-TEX in our most popular windproof & waterproof jacket. The Rocka jacket comes in an array of colours and sleeve lengths, the consistent thread being its amazing ability to keep its wearer protected from the conditions and looking like a rock star all the way 'til the (not so) bitter end. From £275 - shop

Baseball Caps

We've saved our most popular until last... Though not an on-bike cycling product, by any means, the humble Baseball Cap is a practical piece that will throw shade on that Lynx Africa gift set once and for all. Two styles available, both sure to be a winner. £25 - shop

A classy delivery

 Whether you're working your magic with the wrapping paper or not, we'll be sure to deliver your gifts beautifully, ensuring there's no doubt they came from a good place. 

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All that's left is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us here at CHPT3!