The Brompton x CHPT3 for Wyatt

A one off Brompton x CHPT3 has been created, and we're auctioning it off to the highest bidder for the charity LuMind. It's in honour of a little boy called Wyatt and this coming Sunday, November 3rd, David Millar will run the New York Marathon because of him. David's never run a marathon before, there are a few reasons for this, number one being he's not a runner. Here, in his own words, is the reason why:

"Life has been a fast forward roller coaster of a ride these past few years. I look back, with rose tinted glasses, on the simple halcyon days of being a bike racer...

Recently I've become a runner, not a very good one, but hopefully good enough to run 26.2 miles this Sunday. I don't know what to expect and I'm genuinely a little bit worried about it (shit scared), but it's worth it because there's a bigger reason.

October is Down Syndrome Awareness month, something I wasn’t aware of until this year, let me try and explain why. It's all because of Team Slipstream – Garmin, the team I helped build, and loved so much, yet sadly left acrimoniously. All my greatest friendships and memories come from that team and two people in particular took it upon themselves to give me a farewell present. It arrived from New York a few weeks after I retired from racing, a framed graphical representation of my years with the team, it’s the only picture you’ll find of me on a bike at home, albeit tucked away. Marya and Robby had it designed and made for me, it was their way of remembering our time together and celebrating what we’d achieved.

I met Marya first: Marya worked for a New York media agency, and she CHOSE the cycling account, my mind boggles... Not to say it was a terrible decision, it resulted in a life accelerated in many different ways, and remains a prescient choice. My first memories of Marya revolve around 2008, when we had to manage what I said about Lance Armstrong and doping in general. We did it on big stages and Marya was my Guardian Angel and protected me from saying what I wanted to say. We bonded, I’d never had anybody protect me from myself in front of journalists.

Robby is a scientist. He came on board with Slipstream - Garmin in 2010. I’d waited my whole career to meet him without knowing it, he was so smart, he saw things differently to everybody else. And he made me faster, I did everything he told me to do, a remarkable feat in itself. I trusted him when he told me to try something, just as I trusted Marya when she explained what I should say in order to protect me from myself. Robby is in Vienna as I type this, helping mastermind the science behind the INEOS159 - the attempt at breaking the two hour marathon for the first time that will take place this coming weekend.

Fast Forward

Marya and Robby meet each other in the cycling team environment, fall in love, get married, and leave the cycling world. We lose contact.

Evening of November 2nd 2018. I see on Twitter a picture of Robby carrying a baby at the New York Marathon. I look deeper into it and discover it’s their son, Wyatt, that he’s carrying across the finish line.

Robby Ketchell
I was aware of the fact that six months before their baby boy, Wyatt, had been born with Down Syndrome, yet I hadn’t known what to say or do. Nicole and I have three young healthy children, and maybe that’s why I was so incapable of knowing. In truth I don’t really know why it was, but seeing that image woke me up.

Robby had run the NYC Marathon to beat three hours and twenty one minutes, I didn’t even know that Down Syndrome was caused by three copies of the twenty first chromosome. He didn’t manage it in 2018 because, well, life was intense. I messaged him that evening and said I’d do it with him in 2019, because if Marya and Robby are going to dedicate their life to Wyatt then I can at least dedicate 26.2 miles of my life to breaking 3:21 for them.

The objective is to raise money for LuMind, a foundation helping improve the lives of people living with Down Syndrome, while also raising awareness of Down Syndrome. I hope you can sponsor us, anything will help, even the smallest donation will mean you’ve checked out the site and read the story. And hopefully it will help pique your curiosity to follow us over the next month and learn a bit more about Down Syndrome, and ultimately you'll get to witness a giraffe of a cyclist look like a baby elephant trying to run what once I could have smashed on the bike while looking effortless. Oh for those days…

Here is the link to the fundraising page, please have a look, but because we don't simply expect you to donate we have, with help from our dear friends, come up with some auction lots. One of which is a one-off Brompton x CHPT3 that will never be recreated. This has been built by Andrew Finkill, CHPT3 Project Leader at Brompton Bicycle. He has put his heart into this bike, it's truly unique. All the money that it sells for will go to LuMind.

Here is the link to the auction of the one off CHPT3 Brompton.


Brompton CHPT3

There will also be other items coming, Eliud Kipchoge signed shoes:

Chris Froome's leader jerseys.  You know, just your normal everyday things.  And all to raise money for LuMind, so please have a look:

Sorry for the bother - if you do decide to donate anything or bid on the auction then we thank you in advance massively. It genuinely means a lot to us, and, for the record, although I used to be able to race three weeks in twenty one stages on a bike with relative ease, running a marathon in under three hours and twenty one minutes has proven to be an absolute bugger."

We wish luck (he'll need more than luck) to David this coming Sunday, and to Robby, Marya, and Wyatt, you are an inspiration to us all, not just David.