Mr Porter Auction

Although Mr Porter has been around for a relatively short time it has managed to make a big impact in the fashion world, I've been a member of their Style Council since early on, mainly due to the fact I was willing to ride on rollers for them in a fashion shoot back in 2011:

I've enjoyed working with them on different things over the years, and recently I was asked to contribute to an auction they've organised with Paddle8 to benefit the work the Elton John AIDS Foundation does.  Who ever wins our bid gets a set of CHPT3 origin kit to ride in for the day, two nights at the Hotel Carlemany in Girona, and we go on a 60km bike ride and get to shoot the breeze and hopefully not go too hard.  It ends in a few hours, here's an interview I did with them about it:

What does this Paddle 8 auction mean to you?

I get involved with a handful of charity auctions every year, each very different. This is the first opportunity to be involved in the funding of work on HIV prevention and education and support of those living with HIV. The fact it is the Elton John Aids Foundation means that it is a charity I can trust fully, so I didn’t hesitate to contribute.

Why did you decide to take part?

I have never been involved with the EJAF, and I’m always curious to see how different charities operate. It helps to understand what works and what doesn’t and get to judge where I can offer my support most productively.

What made you choose your lot?

I’ve learnt over the years that experiences offer more than objects and more often than not raise more money, which is the primary reason for doing this. In truth I’ve made some great friends from the people I’ve met on these trips. So that’s why we’re offering a two-night stay and 60km ride in Girona in northern Spain. It’s a great place to cycle.

What can someone expect from the trip?

I’d say a money-can’t-buy experience, but in this case money can buy it! Although it’s not normally for sale. Whoever wins this will get to experience the cycling capital of the world with me, one of the first professional cyclists to move here 12 years ago. We’ll ride the roads I’ve ridden hundreds of times and you’ll hear all sorts of stories and perhaps bump into other pros. We’ll have lunch at my local restaurant and we’ll kit the winner out in CHPT3 apparel for the ride.

Does the lot winner have to be a strong cyclist?

I’d prefer not! That way we can just pootle along, shooting the breeze.