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Friends Ride

As the countries lockdown restrictions began to lift, it was time to get the guys back together and head out for a ride. Just like everyone else around the world, we'd been growing more and more desperate to see our friends and get out for a bike ride together.

Planning got underway with gusto (you can read more about that here) and before we knew it a return route from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex down to Whitstable in Kent was drawn up and plotted. The name of the game here was pure, simple fun, so - naturally - a good few pub stops were assigned on-route.

We'll be honest, in the excitement of the route planning and catching up with our mates no allowance was made for timings. And, quite frankly, why should it have been? The distances weren't ambitious - certainly not so for the crowd we had with us, but what we hadn't planned for was punctures, the time it would take to get tires back on tubeless rims and the effect that tequila might have on our speed.

"It's the kind of thing that I always wanted to do when I was racing. We had a plan, but a rough plan and just spent all day on the bike. We had good weather, great company and a few drinks - it was fantastic!"

- Steve Cummings

"Everything that makes riding a bike so deeply special to me, distilled into two wonderfully nostalgia infused days."
- Matt Stephens

Anyway, that's enough talking. We've put together a short video below which should give you a taste of what the ride was like and - we really hope - inspire you to get out with your mates and do what we all love: go to the pub. On bikes.

What we wore

Wondering what we wore? Aside from some rather special national champs jerseys, we were decked out in some of our favourite bits of kit from our latest summer collection. Take a look below