Partnering with GORE-TEX

GORE-TEX is a brand that we’re all familiar with. Since 1978 its heavily guarded technology has been pioneered by the world’s top outdoor labels including Arc’teryx, Musto, Patagonia and Nanamica, more recently transcending into streetwear on projects with global sport and fashion names such as Nike, Off-White and Supreme.

Closer to home, GORE-TEX membranes are something you’ll find used in your hiking boots, wet weather jacket and running gloves - the famous black diamond embellishment providing a stamp of confidence, now synonymous with high-quality outdoor clothing. So, most of us know that GORE-TEX keeps us dry and warm, but perhaps you’re not sure what it actually is? Many assume a fabric, others think it’s a surface treatment but, for a marque that’s associated with the top tier of performance clothing - and the higher price tag that it demands - it seems right that you should know exactly what it is.

GORE-TEX is a fabric membrane - think of it as the filling to a fabric sandwich. You have your inner liner, GORE-TEX membrane and outer shell fabric: combined this becomes a highly technical, yet incredibly thin 2 layer fabric designed to work as one. The magic happens at the inner membrane - it's made up of microscopic pores, 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, but 700 times larger than a water vapour molecule. This means that you’ve got a very lightweight membrane, impermeable to moisture yet incredibly breathable, allowing moisture from skin escapes easily - this is why GORE-TEX works better than anything else on the market.


Taking a huge step forward in the GORE-TEX lineup, we now need to talk about GORE-TEX's latest addition to their range - INFINIUM. A new technology that goes way beyond waterproofness and one we’ve chosen for our own range of GORE-TEX products.

When considering fabrics for cycling clothing, the demands are entirely different to, let’s say, hiking. For a normal individual under normal conditions, the cyclist will face much more wind, simultaneously working at a higher intensity and therefore producing more sweat. So, where other brands may choose the original GORE-TEX, we’ve selected the INFINIUM membrane which focuses all energy on providing the most windproof and breathable material on the market.

This combination of protection and breathability dramatically reduces the wind’s cooling effect and the chance of overheating when you're riding hard. Combining this with the durable water repellent outer fabric treatment and you've got additional water repellency in the areas where it’s needed. The technology essentially places all of the emphasis on comfort, flexibility, and breathability, retaining the same water and wind resistance you have come to love from GORE-TEX but, along with the absence of taped seams, offers superior breathability and flexibility. 

We’re proud to be able to partner with Gore-Tex to bring you some of the very best, most cutting edge cycling clothing available. Explore the full CHPT3 GORE-TEX collection below: