To clarify, as if it wasn't evident enough, a Brompton Bicycle is not race bred.  It is a machine designed to improve day to day life, and built to last, there is no other bicycle in the world engineered to such reliable spec, and all of it is done in a state-of-the-art factory in London.  

Lined up

It is their collaboration with CHPT3 that has pushed them to try new things, racing being one of them, the 48 Invitational at the World Cycling Revival in London provided the first opportunity to try something completely different.  

What was it?  An invitational race at Herne Hill Velodrome: 48 competitors, two heats of 24 riders, elimination race rules, 12 from each round into final of 24, winner takes all, £10,000 first prize making it the biggest first prize of any bike race in the UK, oh, and a Le Mans start.

Here are a few photos from the day...

DPM and WBADavid Millar and Will Butler Adams (Brompton CEO) try and explain to onlookers why they believe what they've organised is such a good idea. Photo: Alex Jacobs 

Brompton CHPT3 The Brompton CHPT3 bicycle. Each rider invited to compete was supplied with a brand new factory spec bike to race upon. Photo: Alex Jacobs

ChequeThe cheque to be awarded to the winner of the race - making the Brompton 48 Invitational the bike race with the biggest first prize in the UK. Photo: Holbeck Ghyll 

Pinning UpDavid Millar, having sworn to never pin a number on a again, pins a number on, again. Photo: Alex Jacobs 

Master and ApprenticMaster and apprentice. Photo: Alex Jacobs 

Bikes lined upThe bikes lined up trackside in Le Mans start formation - qualifying position having been determined earlier by timed fold up. The racers take part in a mass start sprint to their bike from a coralling position 50m further up the track. Photo: Alex Jacobs

Le Mans startLe Mans eat your heart out. Photo: Alex Jacobs

Tailend CharliesThe first round, David Millar did not make it on to the back of this group. He had excuses. He was eliminated. Photo: Alex Jacobs 

Roger Seaton, Brompton Roger Seaton, our Transbromptonental star, asking for advice from David Millar before the start of his heat ('Don't get eliminated.'). Photo: Alex Jacobs

DPM on IGDavid Millar, having been released from the weight of expectation of competing in the final trawls the pit lane making videos for Instagram. Photo: Alex Jacobs

Brompton 48 raceThe final was fast. Photo: Alex Jacobs 

Brompton 48 racingAnd got faster. Photo: Alex Jacobs 

Alec BriggsAnd Alec Briggs cruised it. Legend. Photo: Holbeck Ghyll 

Brompton 48 ZERO lap boardAll laps completed, the richest race in British cycling done. Thank you for all those who came and joined in the fun. Photo: Alex Jacobs

Find out more about the CHPT3 Brompton bike and sign up to be the first to hear of the next edition, on sale in February 2019 here.