CHPT3 is a company that loves bikes. I’ve raced BMX, Mountain Bike, Road and Track, and, most recently, Folding Bikes, and I never cared, I loved them all. I can see that is the way CHPT3 is going, because all of us at CHPT3 feel the same, give us a bike, we’ll ride it, and probably race it, and often crash it, and all the time have fun. It’ s what we do.

The two favourite things I got this year are bikes, a Yeti SB100 and a Factor ViSTA. Okay, we helped design the ViSTA, but the Yeti was a carefully thought out purchase, and I love it to death, and riding that bike reminds me of why I got into cycling in the first place, out on my own getting lost, stopping-starting, not caring about numbers, challenging myself to push the edge of my abilities for the sake of it. The ViSTA had exactly the same affect, I could go on all roads, with no care for the surface or destination, it’s the perfect antidote to years of following arrows to a finish line. 

“contrary to the old racing adage - 'Don’t look back' - we’re going to allow ourselves a look over the shoulder.”

Which I suppose sums up CHPT3, we had a start line, and you lot jumped in within sight of it, but there aren’t any arrows now, and certainly no finish line, we’re on a journey and we hope you’ll stick with us. Here’s to the end of year holidays, and contrary to the old racing adage, “Don’t look back” we’re going to allow ourselves a look over the shoulder, because sometimes you have to look back to see how far you’ve come.

Below you'll find a short film that we've put together featuring some of the many highlights to a special year - we hope that you enjoy it.

Thank you for 2018.
David Millar and the CHPT3 team