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Product Testing: the CHPT3 way

If you need something done properly, give it to Niall, your Marketing Manager and ask his girlfriend to film it. This isn't the conventional approach to product R&D, but we're not the most conventional group here at CHPT3 so it kinda follows....

A few months ago, when going about some final testing of our new WTHRPRF Roll Top Backpack, the question of capacity was raised: "So, how do we actually confirm the volume of this thing?" the response of "you fill it with water and measure it, Niall" was quickly given and later that evening, the following video below was shared among our team WhatsApp group.

So, please do enjoy this highly unscientific but beautifully effective method of clarifying that our WTHRPRF backpack has a huge 25l capacity and is really quite waterproof indeed... you can't argue with facts now can you?

You can find out more and pick up one of the backpacks here. Available for £70 and ready to be safely shipped to you from our UK warehouse.