Behind the scenes of a CHPT3 photoshoot

"Really Niall... Really???"

My first reaction as the curtains lifted on a sopping wet, miserable day in Yorkshire - Niall, our Marketing Manager's chosen location for our new Spring Summer collection photoshoot. I repeat, Spring Summer. To be fair, we had got ourselves sorted out well ahead of schedule, we had our final samples at the ready and plans were set to shoot nice and early, banking the images and giving ourselves a good, long run in to our big launch. Of course this meant doing a risky photoshoot in October. And it really was risky.... middle of Yorkshire, 5°C outside, sideways rain and very grey skies. It was not looking good - especially as we had to be in shorts and jersey for most of the day. Our risk had yet to pay off...

Calling in the services of local man Simon Wilkinson and his crew of photographers and videographers meant that we didn't have to do too much location scouting for prime spots to photograph the kit, we could rely on Simon's decades of knowledge for that.

We met Simon at his house in Ilkley, along with our other model for the day, Mark. Mark was a guy we found on Instagram - we loved his edgy tats and chiseled features, unlike my more rounded figure... that and he was available on a Tuesday at short notice. Anyway, back to Simons lovely house in the heart of Ilkley... Simon made us all a brew and we chatted through our plan for the day, covering off the shot list and re-affirming the order of play. This took around 2-3 minutes. The rest of the conversation was formed of Simon's stories. Now, if any of you know Simon from SWpix, you will know he is a chatty guy. Very chatty in fact. Roughly three days later as Simon rounded off one of his stories, we set off to the Countryside. 

simons house

First stop was this spot below - a typical little country lane in the middle of Yorkshire. The rain was sideways and it was bloody freezing already. "The show must go on!"... or just start in our case.


You'll notice in the pictures that we also hired a Moto Man... no, not the old school Moto Man, but the one who drives photographers around in bike races and keeps an eye out for people drafting. I wish I knew him when I was racing - I might have attacked more. Or at least once come to think of it.

After half an hour of riding around in the hope of some 'good lighting', we decided to change location. As we were driving we soon realised that the weather changes a lot around here... One minute raining, and the next minute a break in the clouds. As we chased around the West Yorkshire hills, it also become apparent that old mate Simon likes Yorkshire. A lot. Not only were we on a photo shoot, but we'd found ourselves on a tour of his favourite locations - like a safari but with the only animal being sheep. To give him his credit, this next location was great but by heck was it cold. As soon as we had the shot in the bank I was back to the warmth of the car, sheltering from the rain - I think I might have hit a career-high peak power.

LUNCH. Thank god.

After a steak sandwich and a good glass of red, our luck turned and we were treat to some good weather! I say good... it wasn't raining. But our expectations had been adjusted and this would do for us right now. Time for some photographs, Simon!

Spirits were high after this little batch of shooting. We got some great pictures shot and were now on the home stretch. The clouds were parting and we had some better weather to finish off the day. Perfect.

And with that, our photoshoot was a wrap! We hit the road home with a very happy Marketing Manager and a handful of filled up memory cards

How about Croatia next time, Niall?

Want to a take a look at the results of the shoot and see the kit that we were wearing in more detail? Head over to our new Spring Summer collection here.