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#MyCHPT3 Interviews

Meet Niall Russell

Who is Niall Russell? He's our Marketing Manager - a bona fide aficionado and lover of cycling, maybe too much for his own good at times (and we're thankful for that here at CHPT3), and maybe that's the reason he chose CHPT3... He had the choice of going back down the agency route yet forked off in our direction, almost everything you see and read from CHPT3 comes via the hand of Niall.

We're going to leave this intro with one of the many quotes we bank from Niall under the header of "Niallisms" - this one goes something like this, 'My favourite thing in the world is an interview. Why? I've never lost an interview.' Judging by below we can't disagree. Here's to Niall:

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

OK, It's quite a big list right but, you know, this is perfection isn't it??

Firstly, just knowing that all my family, my girlfriend Jen and my mates are all happy, safe and healthy. Just having that in the back of your mind like, 'pheew, don't need to worry about that then’… that’s a good start to being happy. Then, and this sounds a bit mad and narcissistic, basically I’d imagine total happiness being like a realllllllly long, ongoing wedding. I’ve never got married but the weddings I’ve been to have all been mint so I reckon that’d be pretty cool. Then after that I’d want to hire a massive ass house in Croatia or something and just have all my best mates there, spend our days partying, riding quad bikes, swimming… I reckon that’d all make me pretty happy.

If that was deemed a bit ‘much’… weekend in a cottage with mates, Jen and our dog. Long, boozy country walks, loads of red wine, as many Malteasers as I could eat and a hot tub. Bosh!

Are you a cyclist, if so, what does bike riding mean to you?

You BET! Cycling is total freedom to explore and find out who you really ar… haha. Nah, cycling has always been in my life. I literally grew up with a bike shop being my second home - riding bikes is straight up variety. It’s that thing that you can do to clear your head, to smash your legs to bits, to hang out with your mates, to explore new places, to carelessly eat pizza and drink beer and to accomplish big things. It’s not one thing to me, it’s everything.

If we were to say there are three parts to our lives, family, work, and a third space that you get to decide and control, what would that third space be for you?

Learning, I reckon. Yeah, I just really, really enjoy learning about stuff and how to do things. Some of my favourite things I’ve learnt how to do (and this kinda blurs into work but don’t worry about that) has been how to use a camera, and to get better at photoshop and generally being a bit more capable and independent when it comes to media production. Oh! Jen and I have also been learning how to DIO (Do It Ourselves) a lot recently… We bought a new house and it’s literally stuck in the 70’s so we’re learning how to do all sorts on YouTube. We’ve just made a bench in our hallway, laid floor tiles and I might even try some plumbing soon.
If you could own any car what would it be?

A Singer modified Porsche 911. They are lush. But, let’s be honest… that’s never going to happen. What has happened though, is something 99% as cool. The amazing bosses that I have at CHPT3 have gone and got me my dream bike - and it’s literally just arrived at my door!

Okay, so it’s a Field Frameset - a handmade steel beauty made up in Sheffield, this is the frame I used to ogle at online for years; when I was at uni I even had a few pictures of them on my walls… yeah, the girls loved it. Anyway! It’s basically the bike equivalent of a Singer 911 - it’s painted up in Atlanta grey with these amazing burnt orange details, just like that Atlanta 911 that Singer did, and will be built up with all of the coolest kit on the market but with caliper brakes and proper, mechanical gears. So yeah, looks super classic and traditional but with insane, modern performance… that is until I sit on it!

When and where were you happiest?

That I can most recently think of (my memory is proper crap)… Heading off for a long weekend in Camber Sands with Jen and my dog, Ruby for Jen’s birthday. We stayed at the Gallivant which is this beautiful hotel across the road from the dunes and the beach. It’s modelled on the Hamptons and is proper posh, but without feeling stuck up. We got upgraded for free because we’ve got a well good looking dog and Jen’s super lovely, and just spent the weekend in the sunshine, eating fish and chips, drinking English sparkling wine and playing on the beach. Nice.

What podcast would you recommend and why?

Ours. Because I’m the Marketing Manager.
If you could be any athlete for one day, who would it be and why?

Mark Renshaw, 2009 Tour de France, Stage 21. So that I could watch Cav win his first TdF stage on the Champs Elysees from the hot seat. Mannn that was a magic race! I remember it vividly, sitting in my parents living room, eyes glued to the screen. We nearly missed our flight to go on holiday because I made everyone (including the taxi driver waiting outside) hold on until the end of the stage.

What’s the film you would most recommend somebody to watch?

I’m not a huge film guy, and normally can’t remember films I like but right now I can so whilst I’m on this roll I’m going to list a few, rather than just the one. Cool?

  • I watched The Gentlemen recently… It was SO good. Proper Lols all over the place and just brilliant characters. It was like a modern day Snatch and that’s probably my favourite film.
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel - Wes Anderson just makes things so appealing to watch. It could be anything happening, but thankfully the storyline is ace.
  • Drive - 50/50 because it’s Ryan Gosling and it’s all just achingly stylish and cool. 

What has been your favourite CHPT3 content creation, photography or video or written word?
Another memory that’s fresh on the mind, but equally I think it’s up there with the coolest things we’ve ever done and something I’m dead proud of: our new backpack launch.
There’s a few reasons, for a start, it was the first piece of content that I worked on with Blythey, properly side-by-side, so to see him absolutely nailing it and learning was awesome.
Next, this work really demonstrated the new angle of CHPT3 that we’re trying to show people - a real mix of riding styles, a more relaxed, more real-world vibe and message. And then I think it’s just the quality and breadth of what we produced; we worked with a super young videographer who’s absolutely great and just kept pushing us to do cooler stuff, I captured loads behind the scenes stuff (more to come on that) and there’s just a really strong mix of nice work to come out of it.

What’s your favourite CHPT3 product?

Jeeez, the JJ! It’s properly, properly good. And it’s annoying because it makes me feel really nerdy talking with so much passion about a tech product, but it’s honestly amazing at what it does… which is pretty much everything in the UK. That and our Tube Socks - I used to always wear normal ones before we did our own so it’s wicked to have our own now. I’m very rarely not in a pair.

Who are your heroes?

Urhmm… CAV! Nah, I mean, he is… but just so I sound like there are at least some ‘shoulders’ the my square personality. Alex Turner - he’s like, the coolest bloody rock star but did it all so young. I remember when I found out how old he was (I never watched music videos you see, so it was always a bit of a shock to me to see what an artist actually looked like!), and he’s only like… 6 years older than me. He’s accomplished a fair bit more than me, eh? But I guess If you start going down that route you’re screwed, I mean, look at Greta! I’m not really into history, I very much enjoy living for the now and current goings on and current people so I never really feel the need to look back too far for heroic figures. So yeah: Cav and Alex Turner. Oh! And Ryan Gosling.