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If it's not bumpy you're not trying

It would be difficult to find anyone who isn’t affected by what’s going on in the world right now: like other small and independent businesses in almost every sector, we’re going to be enduring challenges we’ve never before confronted. Being small makes it harder for sure, but being independent allows us to do what we believe in. 

So, over the coming weeks you’re going to be receiving more emails from us - we’ve decided to create a new wing to CHPT3, and we’re calling it CHTTR3. We want it to be a one-stop hub where we can all escape this big scary world, enjoy some light relief, some inspiration, perhaps some practical ideas, and also the chance to get to know all of us, the people behind CHPT3. We hope that we can bring you into the fold.

Although many of us at CHPT3 are now working remotely our brilliant warehouse team in UK are safely fulfilling orders for the foreseeable future, and our customer service team can be contacted for updates on orders. We’re all trying our best to keep things as normal as possible for you, our customers, because without you we don’t exist.  We’re not the only company doing their best to keep things working, everybody is trying, over these next weeks and months we need to support each other in order to come out the other side intact.

We hope that once this over, and we finally get to ride, run, or simply walk together, that we’ll know each other a bit better and appreciate a lot more just how lucky we are to kit up and get out and do what we what, when we want.  Ultimately we hope we’ll have been reminded that it’s people and friendships that matter most, because we’re social animals, and isolation isn’t good for us.  So here’s to getting to know each other on CHTTR3.

Take care of yourselves and others, and let’s stay in touch.


David Millar & Paul Bolwell,
CHPT3 Founders